A day of surprises

Ron went to work early today, which means I slept in. I don’t know why that happens. I guess I’m at the end of a sleep cycle when he normally leaves, and waking earlier seems easier. So, suffice it to say, I did not want to open my eyes this morning. As most mornings, I argued with myself about the value of rising before the kids. I do LOVE my quiet alone time. Apparently, I was not very convincing, until my hands decided to take action and move aside the curtains to check the weather today. Wow!!! On display was the most beautiful crimson and salmon sky. The clouds looked as if they were on fire. This is better than a cup of coffee. I’m awake now. 🙂

Yesterday was a “live and learn” dream. It didn’t start out that way though. After lecturing the kids about how our animals count on them for survival, and then the proper way to respond to a chiding (yes, it is that time of the month), things improved. The boys must have realized tempting fate today could be dangerous because the sweetest boys arrived at my house just shortly after.

While I was scrubbing the milk bucket, G slid open the back door and asked me to come out and see an amazing piece of ice. I must admit, I was not in the “oh, goodie, he’s learning” mind frame. I was still fuming from earlier, but somehow I agreed to it.  It was VERY cold that morning, so I had to gear up. Fortunately, there was time for the Lord to work on my heart before hitting the blast of icy air. Did I mention that I LOVE being outside on the farm? I’m hardly ever excited to go out there, but once I’m there, it’s difficult to go back inside. So, once I slipped on my boots, I was ready to see what my genius son was up to.

And I am so glad I did. Resting on the corner of the water trough, was an entire sheet of ice, approximately 1″ thick.  He had somehow pulled it out of the water without even cracking it. It was perfect.  It looked like a tiny ice rink. As I marveled at his handiwork, he ran back inside to get something. He said he wanted to do an experiment. Experiment? Oh, the gift from heaven I almost missed. God is so sweet that way. It’s almost embarrassing. He returned with his Beyblades (small toys that spin like a top). He explained to me that in the house the wood floors had seams to which he figured caused friction and slowed his blades down. He hypothesized that the smooth surface of the ice would have little friction and thus the blades would spin faster and longer. I stood with my mouth gaping, I’m sure.

I suggested maybe we move the ice rink to some flat place, since his first run of the blade he had me tilt one side of the rink up a bit. He agreed. I moved it to the goat table, leaving a small crack as I set it down. I released a tiny gasp.  To my surprise,  he gingerly touched the crack and said, “It’s okay mom. It didn’t come up to the top. The blades won’t slow down.” Again, embarrassment. Is this the same child I earlier hounded for not being remorseful enough? And now he’s reassuring me when I failed him? Ugh. Living and learning. He made a couple more goes of the blades and then decided he’d like to break the rink with a hammer. That’s where I left him. We were both smiling. All was as it should be.

When I arrived back in the house, I peeked in A’s room to see what he was up to. He looked up from his mechanical device and asked how Bob Marley died. I felt like I did one of those cartoon double take thingys with my head. He’s learning something??? Yep, he was researching the life of reggae legend Bob Marley. “He was a christian, you know, Mom.” Smile. I tell him I don’t know how he died. He then proceeds to share tidbits about Bob’s grown children and what his dying words were. I learned a lot about Bob Marley yesterday.  And later he showed me the name of the cancer Bob had. I ask questions, he finds the answers. It was so fun. Amazing how anger can turn to sincere admiration and love.  God can do that.

Now, if He would only make A do his Spanish! 🙂

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