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Okay, can I just say that I’ve eaten a bit of heaven today? You have to try those Sweet Potato Rounds with Sweet Almond Sauce, even if you aren’t on the miserable healthy anti-candida diet. I’m wobbling around the house a bit because I ate so many. I was so excited to taste the sweet potatoes when they came out of the oven that I ate a half dozen before even trying them with the sauce. So, I started out a bit full.

I experimented a bit with the width of cut on the sweet potatoes. I found that the thin ones baked on my baking stone (drizzled with coconut oil of course) came out chewy. I LOVE chewy. And it was chewy like baked brown sugar chewy. This perhaps was the reason for my gorging.

Sweet Potatoes just out of the oven

Oh, and then I made the Almond Butter. Oh, my. I pulled the crispy almonds out of the dehydrator and, of course, sampled 2 or 3 or 4 or, well you get the idea. They were delish! When the butter was finished the moans of yummy ecstasy began. Mmmmm. And I hadn’t even made the sauce yet.

The sauce…what could I say about the sauce? It’s marvelous! I didn’t have the carob powder, but who cares. I was licking it off the spatula, my fingers, the side of the bowl.

Now, I realize this delectable dish is not made for all tastes. My children reminded me of that. G sat across the counter amidst the moaning and rolled his eyes. He knows from doing this diet with me once before that your taste buds change. What tastes fabulous to the sugar starved tongue is just so-so to others. But I have to throw in a rebuttal: this is only Day 2 of the diet. I’m not sugar starved yet.

If you have a hankering for Almond Butter or want to make your own for your Sweet Almond Sauce here’s the recipe:

Almond Butter Recipe 


1 Cup roasted almonds

1/4 tsp sea salt

1 TBS oil (I’m using extra virgin coconut oil)

In a food processor, blend nuts and salt until the nuts are finely ground. Add oil and blend to the consistency you want your butter. Add more oil if necessary. If you want chunky-style, just add 1/4 cup chopped almonds.

Side Note: I couldn’t get my butter creamy which disappointed me at first, but then after tasting it, I didn’t care. I’m not sure what to do to get it creamy.

Sweet Potato Rounds with Sweet Almond Sauce

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