Candida Update

My first day of Candida eradication went well. Breakfast was good. I kind of like coconut flavored eggs. Hmmm. Who knew? I found some leftover chicken in the refrigerator that I had gotten from making a pot of chicken stock. Wow. That’s some delicious meat. I threw some of it into the pan where my eggs had been and added a bit of the stock to simmer in until heated through. So, there you have it, I had chicken and eggs for breakfast. And it was good. (Not foul…get it?… fowl…bird…chicken) Ha. ha.

I made guacamole. Yum. Plenty of garlic and lime. I thinly sliced cucumber rounds, sprinkled them with sea salt and dolloped a big blob of this beautiful green stuff on top. I then ate myself silly. I’ll post the recipe later. It truly was very easy and so satisfying.

Tomorrow: sweet potatoes.

I’m almost giddy at the prospect. I found this recipe: Sweet Potato Rounds with Sweet Almond Sauce.

Soak 4 C raw almonds in water and 1 tsp sea salt, then dehydrate on 150 degrees for 14 hours

There are soaked almonds in the dehydrator (to become Crispy Almonds), hopefully to be ready by the morning to make my own almond butter. I discovered the store bought brand has evaporated cane juice. Ugh. A candida diet no-no. Oh well, I’m thinking of food processing the nuts with some coconut oil.

Did I mention that I love coconut oil? I found some virgin organic coconut oil at amazon for a really good price. This unrefined stuff has a wonderful hint of coconut flavor. It’s really yummy in waffles…<smile>.

Well, let’s focus on what we can eat, shall we?


Breakfast: sauteed onion/red pepper omelette, bacon

Snack: Sweet Potato Rounds with Sweet Almond Sauce

Lunch: Leftover Taco Soup, guacamole, baby carrots

Snack: Sausage patties, sauteed zucchini

Dinner: Crockpot Spaghetti Chicken (chicken slowed cooked in homemade spaghetti sauce), green beans

Snack: Hummus and celery

Here’s to another day of meat and veggies!

I slosh my herbal tea in your general direction and hope you all choke on your waffles. Just kidding.


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3 Responses to Candida Update

  1. Ricki says:

    I hope you enjoy the sweet potatoes and almond sauce! That used to be one of my very favorite breakfasts when I first started the diet. Best of luck with it! 🙂

  2. kathleen says:

    Ricki, THANK YOU from the depths of my heart for that fabulous recipe. You’ve saved me!!! I will be visiting your website often for more wonderful ideas.

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