Firearms Training

I’ve dreamt of my boys having mentors. Men who love the Lord and are willing to teach. I didn’t fret over it too much, but I did wonder where we would find these men. And then it just happened. G invited his uncle Terry to meet with him for a weekly bible study. Yes, you heard it right. A, then 9 yr old, boy invites a 60 yr old man. He never ceases to surprise us. They’ve been meeting for almost a year now. Incredible. More on that later.

Today is gun day. For a month or so, the boys have been going weekly with Uncle (actually my cousin, but we call him uncle…it fits better) Larry up to the boonies to shoot guns. Uncle Larry used to compete in shooting contests and participate in black powder rendezvous. He is so knowledgeable. And so patient. We feel so blessed that he enjoys taking the boys as well as teaching them.

Here they are meeting in our kitchen so Larry can teach the boys some basic gun stuff. Okay that’s a girl’s description. It sounds like it’s gun history. They started with matchlock guns and are moving their way up through history. G is so excited about various guns right now, he keeps interrupting poor Larry. But true to Larry’s calm teaching spirit, he calmly listens to all of G’s questions AND answers them.

What is amazing to me is that G was not thrilled with the idea of a ‘class’ on guns. He wants to shoot them not talk about them. And here he is asking and asking and talking a talking. Larry definitely has a captive audience. It’s so fun to hear the excitement in the voices.

You may feel a bit frightened for me. Guns? You are excited about your boys shooting guns? Yes and no. Yes, I am thrilled to no end because it’s something they are really interested in. They are experiencing what it is like to love something and then to learn all about it. Learning is fun. That’s the greatest gift out of all of this. No, I’m not exactly ecstatic that they are out shooting guns…you know, we mothers worry, but they are in excellent hands. Larry is so safe. So, mostly yes, I am delighted in this new adventure. I just don’t let myself think about the possible bad stuff.

It’s amazing what Larry has planned for the boys. They will have month of classes including gun safety and shooting techniques. This is SO cool!  After the shooting techniques class, they will head out to the boonies to practice what they learned. At the end of the classes,  he is going to give them a written test. If they pass, he has some special plans.

Today, he brought some handouts of information he says they need to memorize. I’m so excited for them. What an education they are getting. They already had a class at Larry’s house learning how bullets are made. They can tell you the 4 parts of a bullet if you ask them. G recites it with pride.

I feel so fortunate to have such great teachers in our family. And men who take an interest in our kids. It’s truly amazing. Even if it’s with exploding ammunition.

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3 Responses to Firearms Training

  1. Stacey says:

    That is so cool Kathleen!! From the mom of a gun enjoyer, he hasn’t gone thru any real gun history (or maybe he has, I’m just mom) but last summer he went thru a merit badge on it and there was alot of gun safety. Glad that they are enjoying it!!

  2. Ron says:

    That is way cool. You take great pictures and make the class come to life. This reminds me that I need to keep reading your posts. I had started and got distracted but I like hearing about things from a different side of your brain.

    I have a couple other ideas I’ll tell you later.


  3. kathleen says:

    Stacey, it’s funny how boys love guns so much. As a girl, I never gave them a second glance. One of the reasons I find the male species so interesting. 🙂

    Ron, thank you for your sweet words.

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