Here’s to hoping

Sunday was a good day. In the morning, the four of us went to ‘Pancake Church’ (I’ll explain later) at my parents’ place. Then after dropping off G at his buddy’s house for a play date, the rest of us ended up in the shop working together. I know Ron was in heaven having his family in there with him. He built up a roaring fire in the wood stove. Ahh…heat, Enya playing over the stereo, and the people you love working beside you. It was sweet. Though, I don’t think A had any intention of working.  He just happened to come in to see what we were up to. He started out lying on the couch, petting the dog and watching me struggle to screw together some pieces of wood for a garden box. After the 3rd stripped screw, he arose to help. Mwa ha ha! My evil plan worked. 🙂 Not really. I’m just a ‘weany’, as my dad lovingly calls me.

The thing about A, I’ve noticed, is that if he knows you’re having difficulty with something he finds pretty easy, he can’t help but to want to help. And I, of course, am obliged to allow him to use his gifting. 🙂 So, I graciously stepped out of the way and watched him work his magic. With minimal help from me, he basically built 3 garden boxes by himself.  And then without me even asking, he just stepped right in to help me staple weed barrier to the bottoms of the boxes.

The finished garden beds A made

The thing of beauty is what happened next. I said, “You know, A, there’s a guy on craigslist who sells these boxes for a lot of money.” There was a look of surprise on his face as I think he realized he just made three of them and it was EASY. “Really?”, he replied. “For how much?”  Again, shock permeated his face as I relayed the financials. I then explained that this is the time of year gardeners are planning and some of them don’t have the tools or the skills to do what he just did. If he was willing to cut his prices from the craigslist guy’s, he could probably make some pretty good money. He was sold! Ah….Ron and I have been throwing entrepreneur ideas his way for years now. None have seemed to tempt him like this has because even yesterday he was saying, “I want to make those boxes.” If he’s talking about it the next day, I know he’s been thinking about it.

Yes, I am beaming and hoping. Always hoping that my sweet boy will find something to do that will give him confidence in his abilities. Hoping he’ll see the big payoff of his own hard work.

He realizes he needs to build a box for his display and is pretty sure he can build a good one with his allowance money. I’m hoping today to take him to Home Depot so one, he can see how much the premade ones cost and two, so he can buy his materials and get started right away.  If there’s anything I’ve learned so far from this living and learning business, you have to move while the fire is hot. Interest can wane and simmer into cold embers in no time flat.

So, here’s to hoping I won’t talk too much, think, plan or research FOR him. Pray for me. Being quiet is not a strong suit.

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