Brilliant Word Wednesday

This is my week’s recording of some of the brilliant things my kids have done and said. No, it’s not that I want to brag to you. It’s just that I’m working on ‘looking out for the good’ in them. If I blog about it every Wednesday, then I really pay attention throughout the week.  So, come on over and share what your kids have been doing. Let’s inspire each other.

“Do know how much it costs for the amulet?” G referring to a new computer game he wants to conquer.

“No, how much?”

“20 bucks!”

“Well, that’s stupid.”

“I know. I could buy a new game for that price.”


“Hey, how much would you pay me clean the chicken poop off the deck?”

After some negotiating (it’s what G does best), he settled on washing and vacuuming out the van. I love it when my kids realize that work is what will get them what they want. And I tell you what, that kid washed and rewashed that car MANY times until it was to my liking. And he did it without complaint.

A decided he wanted a new video game. After giving me the reasons why I would approve (“I know how you are okay with good versus evil.”), I discovered he had already looked up the game on Plugged In. This website reviews music, movies, video games, and tv shows from a christian perspective. It’s run by Focus on the Family. Let’s just say, I’m beaming with pride right now. Way to go.

When praying with his dad the other night, G asked, “Please Lord, help Duke to not have any more flatulence.” Duke is our dog. I about peed my pants.

G announced the other morning that he wants to write another book (he has a self-published color me book on He wants to name it, “Guardians”. Nice name, dude. He wants it to be about 4 packs of domestic dogs that guard these diamonds that are in the color of their pack. Like water, that would be blue, forest would be green, fire would be red, shadow would be black. And sometimes other packs try to destroy other pack’s diamonds.” Coolness. I know how much he hates to write, so I offered to be his typist while he dictates. Should be fun.

A and G get a week off from video game playing this week. So, A says, “I just thought of something…since I don’t get any video game time this week, it would be the perfect time to paint my controller.” He found these youtube instructional videos on how you can personalize your controllers by painting them. But you can’t touch them basically for 48 hours after painting. Me: “Way to make lemonade out of lemons.”

See, watching for the good in my kids has caused me to say positive things back. Try it.

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