‘Instant’ Hot Cereal

Well sort of.



I have been craving a bowl of warm oatmeal for weeks now. Hungry one night (ha! I’m hungry almost every night), I was searching frantically for something to fill my tum-tum. Then I remembered my brown rice. I had made a huge batch of brown rice cooked in butter/chicken stock earlier in the week and froze it in 1 C increments. (I can have a total of 1 cup a day on my Anti Candida Diet).

And then I remembered somewhere on the internet I saw something called Rice Pudding. I’ve never had Rice Pudding, so I have nothing to go on as far what Rice Pudding is even suppose to taste like, but I was willing to try. After all, it has pudding in the name. Cha!

I was greatly rewarded for my risk taking venture. Texture-wise, this felt just like oatmeal. And actually, it really looks like it too.

Sugar-Free, Dairy Free Rice Pudding

1/2 C cooked brown rice

unsweetened Almond Milk

Xylitol (or sweetener of choice)


Optional: unsweetened shredded coconut, crispy walnuts

Place rice in saucepan on medium heat. Add a small amount of milk (just enough to make the whole thing wet; you don’t want soup). Stir so the two thoroughly blend.  Okay, too Food TV Star-ish. Just stir them together. There.  Heat through. Add your sweetener to taste (I used about 1 1/2 tsp Xylitol). Sprinkle in some of your coconut and some cinnamon to taste. Oh, and if you really want add some fun texture, throw in some crispy walnuts.

I thought I would really get decadent here and throw in some carob chips. It looks delicious doesn’t it? Looks are deceiving. I’m not a huge fan of carob, so after one taste, they found their cute little deceptive selves down the garbage disposal. Pronto. Ew. Maybe unsweetend chocolate would have worked. I don’t know. Let me know if you try it.

I realize this wasn’t completely ‘instant’. But having the rice already cooked, made it feel like a quick and easy meal. I think I might even  have it for breakfast tomorrow.

So, next time you have some leftover rice. Stick in the freezer, you never know when you’ll get the hankering for some rice pudding. I betcha you’ll be glad you did.

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