Juicing with a Genius

Activities we love fill us with energy even when we’re physically exhausted.”

-Sir Ken Robinson, The Element


Just had to quote the knight of creativity this morning. He deserved some noticing since I purposely laid in bed at 6:15 am telling myself to go back to sleep. I love sleep. I really needed more. But nooooo. All these blogging ideas wake me. “Get up. You know you’re just squandering precious writing time.” It’s hard to believe that just two short months ago, when my friend Jane suggesed I start blogging, I actually told her I had nothing to say. Funny. Now you can’t shut me up. I think, at least for now, I found my “Element”.

Anyway, yesterday was a glorious day with my first born. We went for a walk together and had the nicest conversation. I don’t even remember what it was about. Doesn’t matter. I didn’t lecture or suggest, I just chatted. Yes, that is a big deal for me. A habit I am desperately trying to get into.

When we arrived home from our walk, A suggested that I probably should just eat the lone orange on the counter because he probably would not. Well, oranges are not allowed on the Anti-Candida Diet, so I recommended juicing it. The prospect intrigued him. Yippee.

We got him all set up with the food processor and away he went. I noticed the color of the orange juice was a bit drab and wondered about the quality of taste. Half hoping he wouldn’t be disappointed by his efforts and half wanting to take more pictures, I put a plug in for the mandarins on the fruit plate. He took the bait. He loves mandarin oranges. It was easy.

This was an action shot of him slicing the tiny balls of sweetness. These babies were not easy to juice, but my man child took the challenge and beat ’em into submission. Well, actually he just squeezed them. But beat them sounds so much more manly. Don’t you think?

Poor defenseless mandarin. It didn’t even have a chance.

The remains of the kill.

And the beautiful remaining product. Oh, the color of this juice was amazing. I found myself not wanting him to drink it now. I just wanted to stare at that rich color. It was more than just orange. I almost reminded me of a coral color. And well, I love the color coral.

Ah, I was having a great time and then it happened. After taking the above picture of the cup of juice, A shot out of the kitchen with a “I’ll be right back.” I just realized that seems to be a key phrase before fun learning is about to begin. I felt myself get excited. It was his camera he was after. He knows how inferior I feel about my camera abilities and he came to the rescue. He will make such a great husband.

He went at it with an energy that was amazing. Ken Robinson would definitely say he was in his Element. I watched him work in amazement as he made all kinds adjustments to his camera. And yes, that is a dog leash hanging over the chair and my indoor potting stuff next to him. This was spur of the moment, people. I didn’t have time to clean and give you the allusion I am a great housekeeper. Sorry to spoil your image of my perfectness.

He also didn’t try to hold the camera; he would set it on the counter, thus cutting out the chances for a blurry picture. Brilliance. Why hadn’t I thought of that? Oh, because you are not a detail person and your son is. Oh. Right! I keep forgetting. That’s right. He remembers where I parked the car and the first AND last names, ages and places of birth of all the actors in Narnia. When we can’t remember someone’s name, we ask him. Right. Duh.

Oh, the beauty this boy can create! Even the picture of the picture is beautiful. I’m hoping that he finds the cord to download his photos soon. I can’t wait for you to see the difference between his and mine.

Okay, I know this is really blurry, but I could not resist showing it to you. Here he is meticulously cleaning off the countertop of any crumbs to make sure they don’t appear in the picture. I remind you this is a 14 year old boy who doesn’t normally see big milk dribbles, let alone crumbs. Yes, this boy was in his Element.  It made me giddy.So, after watching the master work, I tried this shot again. So much better! And yes, the apples in the background were totally his idea. He even pointed out that I’ll probably need to eventually find a new spot to take photos. He said you all would get tired of the same backgrounds. Who is this kid? Amazing!I know you are dying to know how it tasted. The juice that is. It was declared delicious by A. Well at least I assumed so by all the “Mmmmmm…mmmmm…mmmm” going on after swallowing. I couldn’t personally tell you how it tasted. Sad. I know. One thing we realized though, there was far too much pulp for my photography genius to handle. So, we strained it.

Another fabulous day on the farm. Making juice with my handsome firstborn. It just doesn’t get any better than this, does it?

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