Operation Find a Dessert

Do you ever get so obsessed with finding something that there is no rebooting you until it is found? You know, you become so Blood Houndish, not even sleep can find you?.  That was me last night. I was on a man hunt.

A man hunt?

Yes. And no, I wasn’t looking for an actual man. I was on the prowl for a birthday dessert. That’s right, my birthday is coming, and darn it, I want a yummy dessert to eat. Now, I know, I’ve said the Coconut Muffins are delicious, and Carob Coconut Sweeties have gotten me through some rough patches, but I’m sorry to say, dear friends, they just aren’t enough. I want something substantial. I want something celebratory.

So, back to the man hunt. Okay, dessert hunt. I scoured the internet for hours. I don’t even know what time I shut the light off. I ashamed to say, it was well past midnight. But I could not abandon my mission. I just knew it was in cyberspace somewhere.

I perused an awesome candida forum at Whole Approach. Even if you are a candida victim, but would like some healthy recipe ideas, this is an awesome resource. Lots of sugar free and grain free recipes. A couple things I noticed while browsing: the use of  yacon syrup and vegetable glycerin. More sweeteners? Wow.

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The yacon syrup looks lovely, doesn’t it? It’s made from a tuber, like a sweet potato. And the human body doesn’t really process the sugars. That’s right it doesn’t go through the liver like sugar does. It basically goes in and passes right out. I am intrigued. I must ask the naturopath about this one.

And the vegetable glycerin is made from the oil of palms or coconuts. Again it’s processed differently than sugar. If I get the okay from the doc, I’ll be on the lookout for a good place to purchase these little goodies.

I digress. On with the search. And then it happened, late into the night. I found it.

Black Bean Brownies

My new friend, Joi from Just Saying No! Sweet Living…without sugar, introduced these to me. Alright, you got me. I really don’t know Joi, but after all the hours I spent on her website last night, I feel like we’ve become close.

Now, I’ve tried a black bean recipe before with so-so success. I never posted it because, well…it just wasn’t that great. It was black bean fudge. It tasted good, but the texture was just too black beany. Unfortunately, I made a lot of this fudge and only ate 1/8th of it. I finally threw it out. I couldn’t stand the guilt as it glared at me every time I opened the fridge.  So, my black bean experiments thus far have been a bit disastrous. Sorry, a little dramatic there.

Let me just say, I know what you’re thinking. ‘Kathleen, you’ve finally lost your marbles. Black beans in fudge? Black beans in brownies?’ I know. I know.

But I have new faith and hope in these brownies because Joi said her family, who are not going sugarless, really enjoyed these. Her sister begged her to post the recipe so she could make them herself. A testimony like that from a Sugary (a person who eats sugar), is good enough for me.

So, there you go. My birthday brownies. And if I can find some agar powder (I have no idea what this is), I may just splurge and make her Whipped Coconut Cream. Oooooo. This is exciting folks.

Mission accomplished.



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2 Responses to Operation Find a Dessert

  1. Joi says:

    Well hi Kathleen!
    Many thanks for the mention! I surely hope that you had a chance to make the brownies and your family enjoyed them as much as mine! I wanted to say hi sooner, but I’ve been helping out my mom. I’ve been getting a chance to play lately, so I just wanted to stop by and check you out. Looking good!

  2. kathleen says:

    So nice to hear from you! I sure hope you’re mom is doing better.

    Yes, I did make the brownies and ate them on my birthday. The fam did like them. “Not bad.” is what I got. Not as glowing a report as from your family, but that just meant more for me. 🙂 I then cut them up into smallish squares and froze them. It’s been a dream to grab a few when I feel the need for something sweet. Thank you!

    I love your blog, by the way. Thanks for making all that yummy food and then sharing.

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