Is Your Mama a Llama?

This was a favorite book of our kids when they were small. A great picture book about a baby llama confused who her mama is. She asks all sorts of critters if their mama is a llama, only to finally find her llama mama at the end of the book.

Renaissance Man reminded me of this little story yesterday as I recounted the day’s events with Gary Goat and Llama Girl. Yes, we don’t get too fancy with animal names around here. We’re…well, just not very creative.

Since the sun made a brief appearance in the afternoon, I decided it was time for Gary Goat to meet the rest of the herd (which consists of one other goat and the llama). That little guy had a great time jumping, sniffing, and all around frolicking. What a kick it is to watch a 2 day old creature explore the world for the first time.

The first meeting actually started with Duke our loveable Golden Retriever.  Gary Goat showed no fear. Maybe he’ll help out the other goats to see Duke as the goofy dog he really is, and not the enemy. And well, maybe if Duke didn’t try to ‘play’ with the goats like they were another dog, things might go better for him. Time will tell.

Next up…Llama Girl. I had heard llamas were extra protective of baby animals, so I was curious to see what she would do out in the open. She did not disappoint. Actually, she annoyed more than anything. Wherever Gary went, she was right there by his side. Kinda cute in the beginning.

Until she decided Sadie (the real Mama) was not fulfilling her motherly duties correctly. With ears laid back, you could hear the beginnings of llama spit gurgling. Uh. Oh. Suddenly, it became very apparent that Llama Girl had decided she would make a much better mother.

And she went into major “herd the baby back to safety” mode.

And then the slap down match for Gary’s mama began. First it was the stare down.

Then it was, “Watch it, girl. You better back off or I’ll bite your ear.”

“Oh, yeah? You better watch it. Cuz I’m so mad I could spit. And you don’t want me to spit.”

“I’ll run you down, girl. That baby is mine. Understand?”

Yes, I know. Not quite the touching children’s book ending, huh? The mama and wanna-be-mama continued to duel it out. I never did see any spit, but I did see traces of  saliva dripping from Llama Girl at times. She was ready to fight for her baby. Look at poor Gary Goat. Caught in the middle of this ‘love’ triangle. Every kid should be so loved.

But true to his sex, he seemed unaffected that women were fighting over him. He was just glad to be out in the field, sniffing and hopping around his great new world. I guess he figured as long as there was milk to be had somewhere, it would all work out. Way to be flexible, Gary.

We tried to introduce Gary Goat to Xcel, our other goat, but she was not interested. She’s got other things on her mind. Like giving birth to her babies. I guess Gary was a terrible reminder of what loomed ahead. Not to mention the slap down ahead of her with Llama Girl. Oh boy. For now, she was happy ignoring the cutie. Oh well. She’ll have her own cuties soon enough.

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3 Responses to Is Your Mama a Llama?

  1. Vicki King says:

    How funny! We watched a goat birth last night. Even though it was assisted and pretty “gooey” both boys said they were up for the real thing. I do hope the “glove” doesn’t have to give an appearance though!

  2. Joan Porter says:

    It’s a regular “goatarama” at Providence Farm. My money is on Marge, the llama mama.

  3. Rachel says:

    Wow! Xcel is seriously wide! I can’t wait to see how many are in there! Gary is sooo cute. Thanks for sharing and teaching us the goat/llama ways.

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