Long Weekend

I convinced Renaissance Man to take a few days off. He’s been working like a dog lately. He needed a break.

It wouldn’t seem that he got one by all the work he did around the farm, but he claimed it was a fantastic four day weekend.

Here’s the highlights:

Soccer Boy gets something in his eye we can’t get out

Soccer Boy goes to the doctor to discover, it’s allergies. Ugh!

He's Renaissance Man's stand in at a CYT photo shoot, but you can tell, the eye is bothersome.

I’m not really sure why Renaissance Man had him hold his finger that way. Hmmm.

On to the highlights.

Take some program pictures of CYT kids. “Lend” my shirt to a few of the girls without a dark shirt. Gotta have a dark shirt for program photos. Must admit my cute shirt looked adorable on all those girls.

Play with Baby Goats. Molly at Fiasco Farm says that if you spend time daily with your babies, letting them climb on you and holding them in your lap, they become the friendliest goats.

Pretty fun for all involved, actually. I read that if a baby goat climbs on you, you are considered family.

Guess that makes Marge (the Llama) kin.

She’s become the ultimate play toy for the all the baby goats now. And Marge doesn’t mind being family, mostly. The only time being a mini jungle gym becomes an issue is when Marge decides to get up. We actually had to fish poor Gary out of a water bucket because as Marge rose to walk away, baby Gary flew off her back. Yes. It was a little exciting. And pretty darn funny.

Barry and Mary

Take sweaters off all the babes because the sun finally decides to make an appearance at the farm. Now we can’t tell them apart.

Buttercup and Gary

It’s like we have two sets of twins.

Xcelly (Xcel) wasn’t feeling too good this weekend. I think she got a little too much Spring grass in her belly. This can cause big problems for goats. Think major stomach acid. And because of her belly ache, she wasn’t interested in having her babes nurse. So, it was back to “chase down Xcel, hold her still, bring babies to her to suckle.” Royal Pain. That’s me holding her in place. Pretty awesome how I was able to take the picture too, don’cha think? Well, I’m impressed anyway.

Take some fun publicity pictures of our Tom (Music Man), Huck Finn and Becky for the CYT production coming in May. What a beautiful day it was. And so fun to see the kids in their costumes.

Lastly, build a beautiful arbor/trellis for our kiwi fruit plants (Renaissance Man did this).  I forgot to take a picture for you. I’ll show you later, but it’s like we have art in the garden now. It’s amazing.

There were so many other things that happened, but you got the best parts.

Happy Wednesday, folks.

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3 Responses to Long Weekend

  1. Stacey says:

    Kathleen, thank you for posting about your great family, your extendeds are too cute!! K and I plan to see Tom Sawyer this time, will be our first CYT!!

  2. Joan Porter says:

    Isn’t it amazing how much fun God makes ordinary things.

  3. kathleen says:

    Stacey, I’m so glad you’re going to come to the play. You guys should come out to the farm and see the baby goats. You’re always welcome.

    Mom, Ain’t it true? Love you.

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