Real Farmers Now?

I admit it, I’ve raised a baby squirrel (don’t ask) and baby chicks, but I’m brand new to this baby goat stuff. Well, my initiation began yesterday morning. Baby goat #1 arrived about 10:30 AM.  The good news? The really, really good news?  “The Glove” did not have to make an appearance. That’s right. It may have been sad to have stayed in the supply box, but I was overjoyed. Whew!

Just minutes after Gary Goat’s arrival. Great picture, Music Man.

And what a perfect day for Gary Goat to arrive. The sun was actually shining and it’s beautiful warm rays streaked into the kidding barn right onto the new babe. Now, if you are not from around here, that probably doesn’t seem remarkable at all. ‘So what? The sun was out. Woo. Hoo.’ Okay, I hear that sarcasm.

You see, my mocking friend, you must understand, it’s been raining here for the last, I don’t know, 108 days. Okay, I’m not sure of the exact number, but I do know it rained every flippin’ day in March. That’s right, not a single day without it. So, sunshine on this glorious day of birth was an outright miracle. And I accepted it as a gift from God. He knew I needed peace where my worrisome heart raged. I needed that sunshine. Of course, later it rained, but not until Gary Goat was at least 3 hours old.

Anyway, it was the flawless normal delivery I was in earnest prayer for. I basically just stood and watched, cleaned up the little guy after he came out, and helped him find some milk. What a relief. Nobody died. And, you won’t believe it, the little guy is still alive. Yes, he is! I checked at 5:45 AM. Sigh. Yes, I woke at 5:30ish this morning worried sick that he had frozen to death. Never mind that I have him in two, count them, two doggie coats, and there is a heat lamp in the barn. It didn’t matter. The mother instinct was pressing hard on my brain. I just had to check.

And much to my surprise, he was standing next to his momma trying to nurse. Aaahhhh. Okay, now I can go back to bed. Not to sleep, mind you, because I still have another goat with two or three kids in her. Yep, I’m not out of the woods yet. No sleep for me for at least 2 more months. The rest of the babies should come in the next week, but then they’ll need shots, disbudding, oh and castration for the boys. Ugh! Nope, no rest for me until those babies have new homes and someone else to worry about them.

But at least we’ll have milk again. Yay! Goat cheese anyone?

By the way, Soccer Boy (that’s G) says we’re real farmers now. I guess watching a goat birth does that. Hmmm. Music Man (that’s A) would argue that point. He says most farmers probably don’t bring their iPad to the barn to Facebook their friends about the birth. Okay. You got me there, smarty pants. Real Farmers or not, I think we all grew up a little yesterday.

Soccer Boy offering his coat to Gary Goat for a little warm up.

Baby goats are so cute. They’re worth the worry.

P.S.  No goats were harmed in the making of this blog.

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I'm a stay at home chicken momma with 2 boys and a very understanding husband. In December of '09, we moved to our dream farm. I'm excited to try to become more self-sufficient. So far I have 1 rooster, 9 chickens, 2 goats (some babies on their way this spring), 1 llama, a dog, and a cat. Come along and join us, as we city-slickers figure out how to make our own homestead. You're sure to be entertained.
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9 Responses to Real Farmers Now?

  1. Stephanie says:

    How EXCITING!!! Congratulations, Mama!! :O) He’s so cute too!

  2. Joan Porter says:

    So, when the other baby goats arrive will you have a herd? a gaggle? A team? A litter? I don’t know…what do you call a bunch of goat kids?

    By the way Soccer Man is right…you have just completed the secret initiation ceremony to become legitamite farm folk.

    Will you be sending out birth announcements?

  3. kathleen says:

    Stephanie, I know, isn’t he adorable?

    Mom, it’s a herd. You crack me up. Birth Announcements? Yeah, I’ll get right on that.

  4. bridget says:

    i’m amazed we did not get a phone call like when G was born

  5. kathleen says:

    Bridget, hee, hee.

  6. Vicki King says:

    So Dale was so excited by this post that he said he wants to see a goat birth. Any chance we can arrange that or would that be too stressful on the goat mamma. We wouldn’t want that!
    P.S. I still think Gary is the cutest thing, but you are right, Gresham probably would frown on him living here!

  7. kathleen says:

    Absolutely, he can come watch. The boys watched from the barn gate. You might see if he’d be interested in watching a few births on YouTube first. I had one little boy all geared up to milk (hands washed, utter cleaned, bucket ready), but as soon as he saw how you really milk a goat, he ran for the hills. 🙂

    She’s officially due tomorrow, but it could be another week til the babies arrive. I can call you when birth is eminent, that is if it isn’t the middle of the night. And you guys are more than welcome to come see Gary Goat. He’s hopping around now.

  8. Rachel says:

    He is soooo cute! We’ll have to visit soon! Do baby goats have sweet breath like puppies? Just wondering.

  9. Vicki King says:

    I’ll have him watch one on youtube, but please call, even if it is early in the morning. How long do goat births “usually” take? I think it would be a great educational experience. We would love to see Gary Goat too.

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