Red Nose Zombie Eats Pudding

I’ve been fighting a head cold this week. Not fun. Usually these don’t slow me down, but this one has stopped me in my tracks a few times.

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Growing up, my mom made us tapioca pudding when we didn’t feel well. So, yesterday I had a major ‘Tapioca Pudding Attack’. Picture red nosed zombie with tissues hanging from every pocket…”Must have pudding.”

But how does an Anti-Candida Diet victim cope with such cravings? Tapioca is made with milk and lots of sugar.

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My friend, Ricki at Diet, Dessert, and Dogs, came through for me again. Now, before I explain, I must clarify who this friend is. This isn’t just any ol’ friend. Ricki is a holistic nutritionist who has one of only three cookbooks listed on the Ellen Degeneres website. Ricki also teaches cooking school. This is a serious friend, folks. Not to just be passed by as some girl who makes up healthy recipes. She is to be listened to.

Okay, glad I got that off my chest.

Back to the treasure I found through Ricki’s website. Chia Seed Tapioca Pudding. Now, come back here. It’s not yuck. Stop that. It only sounds disgusting. But I’m here to tell you, this is heavenly. Even if you’re not a huge tapioca fan, this is good stuff, people.

Did you know?

Chia seeds :

are great for dieting. They make you feel full. They expand to 9 times their original size when placed in a liquid and slow down the absorption of carbs. Woo! Hoo!

have a faint nutty flavor, but when mixed with other things, they take on those flavors.

are considered better for you than flax seeds. And they don’t go rancid like flax does.

are high in fiber, protein, omega 3 and 6.

have a glycemic level of 1.

help to lower cholesterol.

And so much more. Google them. I’m telling you, these tiny seeds are the new super food.

Still don’t believe me? Okay, fine. Watch this.

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See? It’s good for you. Okay, I realize you probably didn’t doubt the health qualities of these wee seeds; it’s the flavor you’re concerned about. As was I. But desperation breeds adventure. I am here to tell you this was delicious, satisfying, and so close to the real thing (tapioca pudding) I was in blissful ecstasy. I’m thinking this could be my new breakfast cereal.

Here’s what I did:

3/4 C coconut milk (you know the stuff that comes in a can in the Asian Food section at the grocery store)

1 TBS chia seeds

Xylitol to taste

Vanilla flavoring (I have to use a non-alcohol, non-sugar version of vanilla extract)

Soak chia seeds in milk for a couple of hours (you can do this in 30 minutes I read). After the seeds have expanded to the size you like and you have ‘pudding’, add sweetener and vanilla.

The chocolate pudding at the top is actually made with a chocolate almond milk, but you could just use plain old chocolate milk if you can have it.

Enjoy! I sure did.

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7 Responses to Red Nose Zombie Eats Pudding

  1. Ricki says:

    Hi Kathleen,
    Wow–thanks so much for that intro. Everyone could use a friend like you, too, I’d say! 😀

    And I’m so glad you enjoyed the pudding! I didn’t know that chia expands NINE times its size when it absorbs liquid–no wonder those “pudding” bowls always get so big. 😉 And it’s true you can mix up your pudding and just let it sit for about 20-30 minutes and it will still be ready (though softer if left overnight in the fridge). I mix mine up, go take a shower, and it’s ready for brekkie when I get back to it. 🙂

  2. kathleen says:

    Ditto. Right back at you.:-)

    I didn’t know it expanded that much either. Just going on what the Dr. on the video stated on the website. Amazing stuff.

    Thanks again for sharing the good stuff. I’m about minutes away from buying one of your cookbooks. I just can’t decide which one.

  3. Joan Porter says:

    Hey, thanks for the tip. I have been going through a major sugar craving phase with my new weight loss program and have actually gained 5 lbs in 3 weeks. Argh! How is that possible? It takes so long to lose it and mear minutes to gain it back. I am definitely going to try this pudding. It’s going to be my new comfort food. Who ever heard of healthy comfort food? YEAH!!!

  4. Misty says:

    This was so yummy, and I don’t even like tapioca pudding! I will have to try chocolate next, who doesn’t like chocolate pudding!

  5. kathleen says:

    Misty, I love that you liked this pudding. Can’t wait to hear about the renditions you come up with.

    Thanks again for a wonderful day. My new kefir grains are already in a cup of fresh milk.

  6. Christine says:

    I have a question about the xylitol. It’s a sweetener right? I have not used it before and wonder if I could use agave, honey or organic cane sugar in its place. Your thoughts?

  7. kathleen says:

    Christine, it is a sweetener, but you definitely can use any of those sweeteners. Typically, when substituting a wet sweetener in place of a dry one (xylitol is a dry granular sweetener), you’ll want to remove a little liquid out of the recipe. In the case of this pudding though, I think you’d be fine. If using honey, you might want to use a bit less because it is so sweet. Does that make any sense? 🙂

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