We Have Birds

We had a chicken die this spring, which left us with just 3 layers. Not enough eggs for this las huevas eating family.  I’ve been wanting  more hens, but our current chicken tractor was maxed out. And since Renaissance Man has been wanting to work on some of his own projects (It seems like I keep coming up with more for him just as soon as he finishes another. Poor man.), it was agreed that I would look for a cheap used coop.

Finally, I found one this weekend.

And it came with 2 laying chickens. Score!

I’m thrilled at how beautiful these birds are. What I’m not so thrilled with is the design of my cheap coop. Yep, you guessed it. Kathleen jumped the gun in her excitement before thinking to ask some qualifying questions. You know. Where’s the adventure in thinking things through? Sigh.

Since this chicken palace does not have a run (a caged area for the chickens to hang out until Soccer Boy sets them free on the property in the morning), we stuck the girls in this hand-me-down dog kennel I thought I might raise broilers (chickens you eat) in.  Whoa. Okay. I think that was a run on sentence. I apologize Mrs. Crouser (my High School writing teacher). I could go back and clean it up, but where’s the fun in that? You might think I was trying to impress you with my perfection. Nope. Not gonna do it. You must know the truth, my dear friends. I know, it’s difficult to see my flaws, but you’ll find out sooner or later. And you know, sometimes, I just got to write a bad sentence. Smile. It’s freeing really.

Okay. Back to chickens. And just so you know, I am aware of my constant use of the word ‘okay’. I’m sorry if it offends. I apologize if it drives you crazy. Go ahead. Yell at the screen and let me have it. Feel better? Okay. Moving on. 🙂

Quick insert a picture, before she keeps rambling.

The new girls will stay in the dog kennel for a couple of weeks. Two reasons really. One: protection. Once these beauties meet up with the current flock, feathers are sure to fly. Chickens must establish the pecking order and that can get messy.  If the new gals are kept behind bars for awhile, the old birds (I’m sorry to have to call you that girls) will kind of get used to seeing them around and thus less feathers taking to the air.

Two: To rule out any diseases they may be carrying. Don’t want to lose the rest of my hotties to some illness the newbies might bring in. It’s a quarantine.

So, there you have it. We’ve got birds. Okay, we already had some, but it sounded cool. Next stop? The feed store to buy some baby chicks. We’re going to buy some Americaunas (hens that lay green and blue eggs). I’m so excited.

What do you think? What should we name our two new lookers?

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I'm a stay at home chicken momma with 2 boys and a very understanding husband. In December of '09, we moved to our dream farm. I'm excited to try to become more self-sufficient. So far I have 1 rooster, 9 chickens, 2 goats (some babies on their way this spring), 1 llama, a dog, and a cat. Come along and join us, as we city-slickers figure out how to make our own homestead. You're sure to be entertained.
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5 Responses to We Have Birds

  1. Connie says:

    Your chatter amuses me!! 🙂 And they really are beauties!! But I am completely out of naming creativity today… I bet if you posted a pic of the girls on facebook, the CYTers would have a plethora of brilliant responses. 😀

  2. Joan Porter says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but they really are good looking chickens. I love the idea of chickens that lay colorful eggs. How fun is that!? As far as names how about “Birdadette” and “Chickita”. Hey, you asked!

  3. It wasn’t a run-on… It was a beautifully constructed, if very long, sentence… 😉

    Nice chickens, too. But I prefer broilers. 🙂

  4. Mama Baer says:

    Joan’s name ideas are cute & I second her motion but if you wouldn’t want those, maybe come up with a “pair name” since you got them at same time? Laverne & Shirley, Lucy & Ethel, Thelma & Louise, or since you got them this time of year you could call them May & June or Spring & Summer?


  5. Connie S. says:

    Oh the joys of naming chickens. I remember one year someone decided all the chicks had to have names beginning with the letter A…Adelaide…Annabelle…etc. We never could remember them. I think Hailey’s being optimistically cautious this year about naming the pullets since she lost her favorite one to a yodel dog last year 🙂

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