Gearing Up For Good-Byes

“O, What a beautiful weekend, O what a beautiful two days. I’ve got a beautiful feelin’…”

Sorry, it’s not often I break out into song. But it really was a lovely weekend. The sun came out and burned many a folk in Portland. It was fabulous.

There were sleepovers, soccer games, engines pulled, goats sold and chickens bought. O, yes. What a glorious two days it was.

Adorable Barry

Okay, to be honest, the selling of goats was not that glorious in the beginning. I’ve been praying and asking the Lord to please help me find good homes, especially for the boys. See, I assumed they’d be the last to leave the farm. And sometimes people see wethers (castrated males) as just a brush eaters that they tie up in a field all by themselves. That’s really not what I wanted for my precious boys. Especially Adorable Barry. He’s such a sweet guy. Really, he needs a home that will appreciate his sweetness. Don’t you think?

Anyway, when the emails started coming in for the boys, I was perplexed and then a bit heart broken. I knew it was coming. For heaven’s sakes, I put the ads on craigslist! But I think part of me was secretly hoping we wouldn’t find Barry Boy a home. He’d have to stay here and be loved by me and Soccer Boy. But I know it’s the right thing to do. We just can’t afford a mouth to feed that doesn’t provide some milk too. So, yesterday a really nice young couple came to the farm to visit with the boys. They’re the right family. I can feel it. And so now I’m okay. Whew.

But believe-you-me, not everyone is going to miss Barry.

Come Rehoming Day, she is going to be balling about missing this fella though.

Tomorrow, I tell you about the new chickens. Right now, I’ve got to attend the emails coming in about the baby girl goats. Thank you, God, for your faithfulness. And now, would you help me get ready to say good-bye?



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One Response to Gearing Up For Good-Byes

  1. Joan Porter says:

    I’m going to miss them too and I don’t even see them every day. To make saying goodbye easier I think you and the boys aught to focus on the joy these little guys are going to bring to their owners because of the loving way they’ve been birthed and raised. Sniff! Now, I need to go find a kleenex.

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