Soccer Boy Goes Tournament Organizer

Soccer Boy has had a love affair for quite awhile now. Not to a girl, silly. To a thing call Beyblades. I know. You have no idea which language I was just speaking. I understand.

Let me translate.

Soccer Boy is in love with these ‘top-like’ thingy toys that you make spin. Then you and an opponent (or your mom) each spin one of these thingys (their official name is Beyblades) inside this giant plastic bowl (called a ‘stadium). The two Beyblades spin at the same time in the stadium bumping each other…this is called dueling. They continue to do this until one Beyblade stops spinning and the other player is declared the winner. Still confused? Here I’ll show you…

WARNING: This video made by Soccer Boy is 9 minutes long. The first 13 seconds will be enough to explain the concept.

Translation complete.

Since Beyblades have been hot around the farm for awhile, Soccer Boy has been in search of a tournament he could attend. He was sure one should exist. After pa-rousing the internet obsessively, there was none to be found. So, in my typical mommy-fashion, I suggested maybe he could host one of his own. Just so you know, I am usually mocked for my outrageous propositions. “Mom you always say that!” Does it stop me from uttering such nonsense? Nope. And this time my advice was actually heeded. “No!” Why yes, my friend, Mom had a good idea this time. Ha!

Of course, this concept had to be pondered before announcing it was a good idea, but nevertheless, it was an excellent suggestion. If I do say so myself.

So, Soccer Boy was off and running. Before choosing a date, he decided to rally the competitors to see if there was interest. And interest there was. No. Excitement there was. Elation and hysteria. Okay. Not really the hysteria. But let’s just say, kids were bugging their moms daily wondering when the big day would be. I had moms call and Facebook me wondering if Soccer Boy had set a date because not only was it driving them nuts to have to exclaim daily, “I don’t know when Soccer Boy’s Tournament will be,” but also to watch their boys pour out their hard-earned cash to purchase a better performing Blade.

I started to feel the pressure for Soccer Boy. These moms needed a Tournament to happen soon. So, you can only imagine when Soccer Boy declared he wasn’t ‘into‘ Beyblades anymore, I squirmed a bit. Actually, I panicked. And then, my friends, I resorted to bribery. I don’t do it often and I did my best to hide that it was such, but bribe him I did. (Sorry, a little Yoda just came out there). “Buddy, some of these boys went out and bought new Blades because you invited them to your tourney. I think you owe it to them to have it. How about after you put together all the details, I’ll take you out to buy the Blade of your choice to compete?”

To say that he was thrilled would be an understatement. That was all he needed to be re-energized. He was off and running.

He made a list of all the boys he’d invited. He called each boy to let them know the date. He wrote the official rules and found on the internet the double elimination bracket they would use. We decided on the snack and the awards to be given to the winners. And he arranged for ‘stadiums’ to be borrowed and placed around the farm. It was a beautiful homeschooling day. And he was beaming with pride. He had a renewed love for the game. Whew.

And I must say, I was in awe of his leadership and planning skills. This kid can plan. This ‘big picture’ boy could put the details together. Man. It was awesome. And I told him so. I also tried to point out that he was an Influencer. God had designed him to be a man of passion and to pass it on. He could use it for good or evil. But God had planned it for good. What an incredible opportunity it was to show my boy his giftings. I was thankful.

When the tournament was completed, the boys had a few extra hours to spare (uh, mom thought the tournament would last a couple of hours…turns out 40 minutes was all that was needed). Soccer Boy then led the way. Parkour (jumping off decks and over fences) became the new game. Oh and making a video of it all. So, here you go. Enjoy my leader’s passion. Leading.

And don’t worry. No boys were seriously injured in the making of this film.

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2 Responses to Soccer Boy Goes Tournament Organizer

  1. Dawna says:

    I started watching the tournament, started having flashes and had to quit because my right eye began an uncontrollable twitching. 🙂

  2. kathleen says:

    I completely understand. I didn’t even make it through a whole minute.

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