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All of us are so excited for Renaissance Man. His book, Prepare To Be Judged- How to Get Your Car Ready for Show is finally published and now available on amazon. Woo! Hoo!

If you’ve ever written a book, or known someone who has, this process is a bit like pregnancy. First, the excitement of a new idea for a book is thrilling. You dream of what it will be like. Will it grow up to be famous? Then, as time goes on, you wonder if you did the right thing. ‘Who am I to think I could do this?’ But you push through (pun intended) the long arduous task to create something people will enjoy and suddenly, WHAM-O, you’re published. It’s surreal at first. ‘I’m really an author?’

Why, yes, indeed. R Man is an author. And a great one, I might add. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “He’s your husband! You have to say that.” You are correct on one point, my friend. He is my husband. But I am telling you, he’s good. Even though this is a how-to book, I found myself engaged in his writing. He’s riveting, clear in his descriptions and just fun to read.

His "Plum Crazy" Challenger

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but R Man is a total car man. He appreciates pretty much anything with wheels. He’s got a 1970 Dodge Challenger he’s had since before we were married. We went on our first date in it. And now we’ve got a 1960 Willys Truck for him to play with. He loves to attend car shows great and small, and he’s even had the privilege to judge at the Rod and Custom Show here in Portland. They even paid him to do it.

It was after judging a few of these shows that we started talking about all the little things Judges look for. You know, what ends up separating 1st place winners from the rest. And then we began to wonder, ‘how is the average car guy (or gal) suppose to know all this?’  It amazed me that the valve stemss, you know the things you put air in to fill up your tires, need to all face the same direction on all four tires. You get points for that. Amazing.

So, he dedicated his book to educating the masses on how to get more points, as well as how to enjoy their cars more.  And don’t worry, it’s not just for the $100,000 car owners. He wrote it for everyone. If your man likes going to summer outdoor shows or cruises, he’ll get a lot out of this book. What’s also awesome is R Man took lots of pictures at car shows to illustrate his points. So, you can see what he’s talking about.

Maybe you have a man in your life who loves cars. Why not get him a book about getting his beauty ready for a car show? He’ll love you for it. Besides, Father’s Day is just around the bend. And it’s only $14.99. Yes, I am unashamedly advertising for my man. He’s worked so hard.

Need some other Father’s Day gift ideas? Renaissance Man put together an awesome list of gifts under $30 for the car guy in your life. Click here. He’ll be adding posts this week with gift ideas with greater price tags.

Just had to add another picture ‘cuz, you know, he’s handsome.

And by the way, see that beautiful car on the cover of his book? R Man got to actually get under that car at the Rod and Custom Show. Tell your special man. He’ll appreciate the book more when he know the author was under a Chip Foose car. I’m just saying.

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4 Responses to We Have An Author

  1. Rachel says:

    Wow! Way to go Ron! I think Dick will like that book for Father’s Day!

  2. Connie says:

    This is WONDERFUL!! A huge congrats to Ron! I admire anyone who has the stamina to write a book! 🙂

  3. Joan Porter says:

    What a great accomplishment. I am so proud of him and so personally inspired by his success. And I love the list of Father’s Day ideas. Okay, I want to know how to do the “click here” thingie on my blog. It’s great to see a wife who promotes her man’s success…you go Kath!

  4. Rachel says:

    Just got the book in the mail from Amazon for Grandad’s Father’s Day. 🙂

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