Homeschool Gourmet Cooking Class

Yes, it is true. We have officially begun our journey into the realm of (here enters the sounds of horror film…just picture screaming) homeschooling ‘High School’. Am I frightened, you ask? Terrified. Completely and utterly scared out of my pants. Hee. Hee. Sounds funny coming from an ex-high school teacher, huh?

It’s funny to me too. All these years of homeshooling, I’ve thought, “I can’t wait until we get to the stuff I know how to teach.” Ha! Now I laugh in the face of my cockiness and shriek in despair. Okay. I’m being a bit overly dramatic. But hey, I’m the only girl in my house. It’s to be expected.

I guess I didn’t expect the weight of my son’s future to feel so heavy. For some reason, High School seems like this is where everyone is going to know if we royally messed up our kiddo or not. Isn’t this what determines his success in life? Yes, I have actually had these amazingly goofy thoughts and even temporarily believed them. Ah, the burdens I heap upon myself. God is probably shaking his head with a wide grin on his face. “Silly, girl. If only you could just remember who was in control.” I know this has been a lifelong mantra for my parents.  “Give yourself a bit of a break, honey. You put too much pressure on yourself.” Sigh.

At any rate, I am making progress in the area of freeing myself of godlike duties and moving forward with <dum, dum, duuuummm> High School.

Renaissance Man and I decided first off that there were certain things we wanted our offspring to know before flying out of our nest. We’re calling them, “Don’t Leave Home Without ‘Em” classes.  Among the balance a checkbook and change oil in a car, was my Cooking Class. My reasoning for culinary learning was multifaceted . One: In the event my boys marry later in life, they will not be forced to feast nightly on fast food. That way they can save money for things that really matter. You know like a big diamond for the love of their lives. Smile. Oh, and so they can easily maintain a healthy lifestyle. Two: Someday they are going to want to impress their sweetheart. And what better way to dazzle a woman than to cook for her. Three: When their wife is sick or out of town, my grandchildren won’t starve. Four: I’m hoping to get some more help in the kitchen while they still live at home.

So, I made a list. ( I like lists.) I made a list of items I thought would satisfy all four of the above factors, and I am calling it Gourmet Cooking Class. Okay, really, when you read the list of items to make, the title of my class will make you giggle.

Here is Music Man studying the recipe for brownies. Okay, not really. He’s actually working on science experiment. But hey, it had Baking Soda in the picture.

High School Gourmet Cooking Class

Prepare one of these items each week of the school year:


Bake a cake from a mix. Frost it

Bake a cake from scratch. Frost it.

Bake chocolate chip cookies.

Bake a loaf of bread.

Bake Brownies from scratch.

Bake cornbread.

Bake some muffins from scratch.


Green Salad

Fruit Salad

Sub Sandwiches

Iced Tea


Ice Cream





Steamed Veggies

Stir Fry


Roast Chicken




Baked Potatoes

Hard Boiled Eggs

Taco Soup




French Toast


So far, the family has enjoyed a cake made from a mix, a loaf of bread, and brownies. I, on they other hand, being  of the gluten free kind, had the pleasure of enjoying a freshly brewed mug of coffee. Yum. I’m liking this gourmet class.

Did I miss anything? Do you see anything glaring that a young man would need to have in his manly apron of cooking tricks? Let me know.

Stay tuned for more “Can’t Leave Home Without ‘Em” classes that I am inventing. It should be fun.

Soccer Boy is a bit trepidatious about this whole cooking business. It’ll be okay, son.



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10 Responses to Homeschool Gourmet Cooking Class

  1. Dawna says:

    I wonder (scratch head) if Kath is opening her class for those other boys that need to be enlightened (mine)?

  2. Dani says:

    I’m impressed! We’re a little bit behind on this one, but then my young men haven’t actually gone away yet, so there’s still hope. I would add a couple of things to your list: loading up a crockpot with stew or chili in order to have a hot meal after work, and maybe homemade broth/soup of some kind (immediately following the roast chicken would work well).

  3. Dad says:

    Wow, call me when the Salmon, green salad and brownies are waiting to be tasted. Love Dad

  4. Stacey says:

    Love this Kathleen!! I think that I will need to borrow this idea from you when the time comes!!

  5. Connie says:

    LOVE you back blogging!! 🙂 Great ideas for the cooking class!!

  6. Traci says:

    Gray ideas, friend! That is quite an extensive list. I’m impressed! It’s so good to be able to read your blog again! Thank you !

  7. Wendy says:

    Great idea for a class ~ how about “name that spice” or “Soup: you make me thick” (corn starch vs flour vs potato…)

    Looking forward to the Iron Chef cook-off. Have fun!

  8. joan porter says:

    I say add a category that says, “Invite grandparents to dinner prepared by grandsons!”

  9. Anna says:

    This is great! I’m looking forward to doing the same type of class for my kid(s) – my partner-in-crime is a pro chef, so she’ll probably take care of the more gourmet parts of the curriculum. 🙂

  10. kathleen says:

    Thanks, Anna. If he had more interest in cooking, I would certainly push the envelope more towards actual gourmet meals. This is a stretch in itself.:-) I’m envious of you having a pro chef at your disposal. Lucky!

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