Morning Chores Pictorial II

It’s been a crazy week here at the farm. Monday Renaissance Man whisked me away to the Oregon Garden Resort for a night; we came home Tuesday late afternoon, and then headed off again with the boys to Mt. Hood yesterday for a field trip. Whew! And we still managed some homeschool stuff to boot.

I’ve also participated in a few blog hops/carnivals/link up parties. Have you seen these? They are so fun. If you are a blogger, you can participate in them yourself. Debbie from Easy Natural Food showed me how be in one.

I haven’t had time to do any writing this week, but boy, oh, boy, it sure has been a blast to link up my Easy Peasy Lemon Squeazy Mayo blog and then watch all the wonderful people come visit and leave really nice comments. I think I am addicted.

Anyway, back to the Morning Chores. Last week I showed you the beginnings of my morning chores, today we’ll head up through the mud to the barn.

Yep. There’s a lot of this stuff.

So much so that we started putting in these little concrete squares everywhere. They work beautifully. See how the grass grows up all around them? Just last year that green was all brown gooshy stuff. I. Will. Conquer. The. Mud.

Okay. Sorry. Enough of the mud. On to the barn.

Ew. Alien hand opening barn door.

Don’t you just love my black door. I got it for free. Yep. I’m like that. I get free stuff occasionally. The only bad thing is that my free door doesn’t always latch so well. And on occasion, the wind has been known to swing it open. The goats love that. Just a few days ago, I came out to the barn and noticed only one goat was around. Very unusual. Our goats don’t always especially love one another, but they are never too far apart. Protection in numbers, I guess. Well, low and behold…

This little lady was in the dairy parlor all by herself. The door must have swung open with the wind, she entered thinking, “Woo. Hoo. Free alfalfa.”, then the door slammed behind her with another gust of wind. I don’t know how long she was trapped, but the amount of poop I found on the floor suggested a few hours. Sigh.

Let’s peek into my oh-so-nice-and-neat dairy parlor/barn, shall we.

Maybe not.

I really do have a reasonable explanation as to why this looks like a goat was stuck in here for hours by herself. But I won’t bore you. Let’s just say the hay bales have attacked the dairy parlor and leave it at that.

Once inside the dairy parlor, the goats make sure to meet me on the other side of the barn. They know there will soon be fresh alfalfa in their trough.

To say they are eager might be a bit of an understatement.

“Hey, lady. Speed it up.”

“Hold your horses, ladies. I’m working on it. Let me get my gloves on.”

Note: Yes, that is a hammer under those gloves. “Why on earth would you need a hammer in your barn, Kathleen?” I’m so glad you asked.  Why, it’s for busting up ice in the water trough during the brief cold spats we have around here.

Now, I’m outfitted for the job. Time to grab some alfalfa.

And give to the girls.

My boys say this is ‘first person’ photography. If you have boys and they’ve ever played a first person shooter video game, you’ll know what they mean. Anyway, it made me giggle and impressed the socks off of them. I love it when I’m cool.

Now it’s time to clean up some poop.

And here are my tools: a dog poop scoop and a couple of 5 gallon buckets.

I know. It’s unsightly. But it’s got to be done. I try to keep the manure load low on our fields.

What’s manure load? The amount of poop on your pastures. If you get too much, it not only gets stinky, but it’s a breeding ground for parasites. Parasites = Bad stuff for goats. Apparently, where we live in Oregon is an especially nice place for a parasite to live. It’s very wet most of the year and the temperatures are very mild. So, scooping poop is just going to be a regular thing for me, I guess.

Well, the excitement never ends. I tried to get you a nice close up of the goat berries (that’s goat poop), but I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it…that’s a bucket of poop.

Come on back next week, when I’ll show you what we do with the ‘berries’. I know. How can I leave you hanging like this? Don’t worry, pretty soon I’ll show you how I do the milking. That’s the fun part. Hee. Hee.

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5 Responses to Morning Chores Pictorial II

  1. Dad says:

    Kathleen, Nice pictures. I am awaiting the berry burial or where ever. Love Dad

  2. Mama Baer says:

    Still don’t know how you do it — I do not like cleaning up after critters and you have so many! 🙂

  3. Joan Porter says:

    Oh my goodness and I thought picking up cat poop in the litter box was bad! I can’t imagine picking it up in five gallon buckets. You are such a farm woman! What happened to my prissie little girl who couldn’t stand to have a speck of dirt on her hands or clothes?

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