Morning Chores Pictorial Part 1

Ever have a curiosity about what a used-to-be-suburbanite (that’s someone who lived in the suburbs her whole life) does every morning on her farm?


I’m crushed.

That’s really very sad. Sorry. You’re going to find out anyway. Hee. Hee. (Don’t tell my kids I said I was sorry and then didn’t mean it. I’ll be in big trouble)

First, I get on my boots.

With all the mud around these parts, boots are essential.Β  Honestly, I did try to go for the cute factor here. But with two years of wear, mud and poop, they’ve sort of lost their curb appeal. A girl can try.
Yes, these footwares of wonderousness are well used.


Second, on the way to the barn, in my oh-so fashionable boots, I let the chickens out of their coops.


Here I am opening the ‘lid’ to this chicken coop.

If you strain your eyes, you can see in the center of the picture there is a little door opening. I open the lid to the coop so I can open that tiny little door and let our feathered egg laying friends out for the day. Thanks to Chez Misty’s husband for designing this fabulous coop and then GIVING it to us. I love this coop.


“Good Morning, girls.” Yes, I actually do say this every morning. I know. I’m silly. These girls are Americauna chickens. They lay blue-colored eggs. Very pretty, indeed.

Check out those fluffy cheeks.

Chicken Coop #2 built by Renaissance Man over 5 years ago back when none of us knew anything about fowl. It has held up really well.Β  This year R-Man is going to build us a BIG coop, so all the girls can hang together.


And finally, I head to the barn to take care of the goats.

Afterall, they’re waiting.

They know when they see me let out the chickens, they’re up next.

Sweet Xcel, “It’s our turn now, right?”

Rambunctious Sadie, “Yeah. Speed it up, lady. We’re hungry.”

Be on the look out for Part 2 of Morning Chores Pictorial. I’ll be wading my way through the mud and making my way up to the milking parlour. I know. I can hear the excitement in your voice. It’s going to be great. Just beware. You might have to look at a picture or two of poop. Hey, we’ve got animals here. It happens.

Until next time.

Love, The Goat Lady


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About kathleen

I'm a stay at home chicken momma with 2 boys and a very understanding husband. In December of '09, we moved to our dream farm. I'm excited to try to become more self-sufficient. So far I have 1 rooster, 9 chickens, 2 goats (some babies on their way this spring), 1 llama, a dog, and a cat. Come along and join us, as we city-slickers figure out how to make our own homestead. You're sure to be entertained.
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15 Responses to Morning Chores Pictorial Part 1

  1. Nicole Timm says:

    EEK! This is so exciting..I’m loving this, thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Can’t wait for part two!

  2. Connie says:

    How do you make ANYTHING amusing??? This is adorable… waiting expectantly for installment #2! πŸ™‚

  3. kathleen says:

    Connie, Have I told you lately that I love you? Thanks for being my biggest fan. Glad to be able to add a bit of amusement to your day, sweet lady.

  4. kathleen says:

    You make me giggle, girl. Thanks for being a loyal reader. Don’t forget in May the babies are coming. You have to bring your little guy out to hug on ’em.

  5. Dad says:

    You forgot to point the Chicken poop on the way out your back door. Love, Dad

  6. Joan Porter says:

    I’m exhausted just reading your blog! You’re right….”Poop happens!”

  7. kathleen says:

    Sorry about the exhaustion. πŸ™‚ I took over 200 pictures that morning and decided that would be a WAY too long blog. So, you’ll have to prepare yourself for the next one. πŸ™‚ Rest up.

  8. kathleen says:

    Dad, Oh don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of poop pictures coming up. You might want to cover your eyes.

  9. Dad says:

    I’m glad computers don’t have aroma yet. Love, Dad

  10. Stacey says:

    I love all the pictures Kathleen! And the reminder that The Pioneer Woman has instructions on photography! I got a new camera and could use some tips πŸ™‚

  11. kathleen says:

    Yes Pioneer Woman has so much cool stuff about photography. I’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg. Do share anything good you learn. I love to see pictures.

  12. kathleen says:

    Dad, You crack me up!

  13. Rachel says:

    It’s so fun to get a look at what your mornings are like! Mine aren’t half that exciting! I definitely couldn’t blog about them. πŸ™‚ I could see myself loving those kind of chores in the morning and the routine of it. I’m so thankful you’re getting to live this life you’ve wanted for so long. It makes me happy to see my sweet friend have her dreams come true.

  14. kathleen says:

    I love you. You know, I’d say from my shoes, you’re mornings, especially those ones where you head off to teach 2nd graders, are WAY more exciting than mine. You’re changing lives. You’re giving little boys a chance to dance…to become who God made them to be. But I guess that’s what friends do…we’re glad for the eachother’s dreams.

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