Llama’s Night Out

This weekend we got a lesson in “The Importance of Closing a Gate”.

But first let me introduce our newest member of the family.

This is ______. (Sorry I haven’t picked a name yet). I’ve been calling her Sweetie for the lack of a more creative, fun name. I’ve always admired people who name their animals after characters in books or an exotic flower.

Anyway, she’s our new Guard Llama. So far, she seems to be adapting quite well to the farm. She comes to the barn to eat and spits at the goats. Good girl! She really is quite sweet. She won’t have anything to do with us, but as long as she seems to be taking care of the girls, we’re happy.

Well, we were happy until the incident.

After arriving home late this Friday evening, we found a note on our door, which stated our llama had gotten out. And well, not just out, but almost causing a multiple car crash. Oh, yes. Sweetie must have been looking for a good time down our little country road and figured walking in the middle of it would lead to her fancy.  Hey, it was Friday night. Can you blame her? Llama Night Out. Ugh.

Thankfully, we have the most amazing neighbors. Once the wonderful young woman, who came face to face with the large dark creature in her lane, alerted our neighbors to the ‘beast on the loose’, Jackie and Steve (neighbors who have three llamas), somehow corralled Sweetie back into our lower pasture, of which was noted one VERY open farm gate.

Yes. Apparently, an open farm gate was the culprit. And Sweetie, well, she just decided to take advantage of her good fortune.

 She looks so serene here. But don’t let that fool you. Ever since her night out on the town, she’s been checking the status of that portal to freedom. Yes, she now understands that liberty is just one open gate away.

And we realize, in the interest of the driving public, all passage ways out of our pastures must be secured…

at all times.

Happy Sunday to you!

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  1. Joan Porter says:

    What a llama drama!

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