Giving Back

My family has been so fortunate over the years to have had a myriad of veteran homeschoolers help us forge our way along this nontraditional path. And now my kids are old enough that I feel like it’s time to start giving back.

So, last week, the boys and I hosted a Farm Field Trip. Some mommas (and a daddy) from our local homeschool group asked if they could come to our farm to see our animals.

Soccer Boy's job was to tell the kids about his chicken chores

It was great. I told the boys this was our way of returning all the blessings we’ve gotten from others over the years. And even though they weren’t too excited that I volunteered them for this new venture, they ended up kind of enjoying themselves. Okay. Promise you won’t tell them I said that.

Music Man was in charge of showing the kids what our goats eat

To see my boys taking responsibility for these young kids was a so rewarding. They really are amazing young men. Can you tell I’m pretty proud of them?

Not too long after our field trip began, the boys and I discovered that I may have over-planned (who me? over-plan?) a bit. These cuties wanted to experience the farm, not be lectured about it. Smart kids. I finally figured that out and stopped talking so much. I know. Miracles can happen.

Music Man gave the kiddos some grain to hand feed the goats

So, it was good that I had some experiential plans as well.

The favorite part, by far, was getting to hold a day old baby chick. It just so happened that we had picked up our meat chickens the day before the field trip. And I’m so glad it worked out that way. Because, really when you’re 4 years old, who cares about what chickens eat or how you milk a goat, you just want to hold that little yellow puff of complete cuteness.

Yeah, a few babes found their way to the garage floor out of a young one’s (or two) hand, but they don’t seem to be any worse for the wear.  They just seemed to know they were serving a higher purpose.

But really, I’m pretty sure if you asked any of these kiddos, the highlight of the morning was the trampoline. Yeah. It made me giggle too.  Reminded me of being at a one-year old’s birthday party. Surrounded by gifts galore, the baby just wants to play with the wrapping paper. As it should be.

All in all, for my young men, it was a solid experience in serving.

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I'm a stay at home chicken momma with 2 boys and a very understanding husband. In December of '09, we moved to our dream farm. I'm excited to try to become more self-sufficient. So far I have 1 rooster, 9 chickens, 2 goats (some babies on their way this spring), 1 llama, a dog, and a cat. Come along and join us, as we city-slickers figure out how to make our own homestead. You're sure to be entertained.
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5 Responses to Giving Back

  1. Joan Porter says:

    Ahhh, what a neat thing to do. I hope you didn’t tell the little kiddos that someday you planned to eat those little yellow balls of fluff! My guess is that information would have tramatized them. I remember a certain little four-year-old who loved baby cows and who got very angry at her big brother for telling her that someday she would be eating one of them at McDonalds. You’ve come a long way girl!

  2. kathleen says:

    I decided I wouldn’t say anything about us eating them for that very reason. One of the parents did ask me if they were meat chickens, but I don’t think the kids noticed.

    I HAVE come a long way. Who knew I’d have so much fun gathering my own food?

  3. Rachel says:

    Wow- you have young men living on your farm. They’re changing so fast. What a great idea to have kids come see the farm. They won’t forget it!

  4. Oh how fun. I’ll have to try this someday for our home school group.

  5. kathleen says:

    We’d love to have you, Jennifer. Although, your kids have the benefit of going over to Auntie Tammy’s too. 🙂

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