A Woman In Need

My guest blog was my ‘cleaning for company’ article from last week. 

I had the extreme privilege to be a guest blogger this week on my friend Teri’s blog, Teri’s Take. To me, this is the ultimate in compliments. For one, Teri is a successful entrepreneur (Knowledge Quest Maps), which makes her famous to me. If you are a homeschooler and you’ve not yet discovered her business, you best be boppin’ over there this instant.

She’s got maps, timelines, and geography curriculum. I first discovered her when using The Story of the World in 2001. Yep, Teri’s black line maps were embedded into the curriculum. My son was labeling the Nile River and the ancient cities of Ur and Babylonia on her maps.   And now her business is so much more than just maps. I’m telling you, if you want History to come alive for your students, you have to check her out.

For two, she’s a great mom. We’ve had the privilege to work with her kids in our Theater Arts Group, and we are continually impressed with their character. They’re great kids. She may not know it, but Teri is one of those women in my life of whom I consider to be a homeschooling mentor. She has already graduated one high schooler and is well on her way to finishing up another. Yes, I watch what she does. I watch very carefully. I’m a stalker that way. Hee. Hee.

Okay, enough. Get to the point, Kathleen!

Yes, so sorry.

In the comments section of Teri’s blog, there came a cry for help.

Oh – I need your cards! Would you please share your list to “To-Do’s” so my family could have some “Ta-Da’s” without step-by-step instruction from Mom?! While I realize our homes are different, we seem so much alike that your list would be a great starting place for me! I love your magnetic whiteboard! Congratulations on training your sons! Their wives will thank you!!

A fellow woman is in need, friends. I love her already. And not just because she says my daughters-in-law are going to thank me some day (which of course soothes one of my uttermost fears that they will complain about me behind my back some day), but because she says it would be a great place to start.

Oh, my. She’s speaking my language. Little did this sweet woman know, this is my mantra. Just. Start.

Yep, that’s it, just start.

I’ve spoken at many events throughout the years, and this is the message that keeps popping up. If we will just put one foot in front of the other and not be dismayed or discouraged by the battle before us, we will succeed. Throw perfection behind us and just begin moving. I have found if I can just start, I end up propelling myself forward, energized to complete the task at hand.


Um, I’ll be stepping off my soapbox now. Sorry, I feel a bit passionate about this. You probably can’t tell.

So…., I must help my new friend. She wants to start. Yes!

Now, my kids are on the oldish side (12 and 16) and they’ve had much practice at cleaning various parts of our house. So, many of my cards don’t have too detailed instructions. But never fear, you can add your details to mine.

My boys have cleaned enough of these to (hopefully) know what this means.
My boys have cleaned enough of these to (hopefully) know what this means.

Cleaning For Company Cards

Living Room

  • Sweep – under tables, behind chair and couch
  • Dust – coffee table, TV, TV stand, shelves, fireplace glass, side table
  • Clean Coffee Table – with Windex & paper towels clean glass
  • Neatly stack video games/movies
  • Put away anything that doesn’t belong in the Living Room


  • New hand towel – hang neatly, put old one in laundry
  • Hang bath towels neatly
  • Check to make sure there is enough toilet paper
  • Clean toilet inside and out – don’t forget under the toilet seat
  • Clean off counter – put away radios, electric razors, deodorant, books
  • Clean sink, counter, and mirror
  • Dump trash
  • Wipe top of trash bin
  • Make sure bath mat is hanging over bath tub
  • Wipe dust off top of bath tub
  • Clean bath/shower
  • Wipe baseboard
  • Sweep


  • Sweep by front door and by the bedrooms


  • Make bed
  • Vacuum
  • Pick up stuff off dressers, etc

Mom & Dad’s Room

  • Sweep


  • Clean off countertop (all things not belonging to kitchen removed)
  • Clean stove top
  • Sweep Eating Area – move chairs and sweep under table and under bar
  • Sweep Kitchen floor
  • Clean mat under dog’s water bowl
  • Vacuum kitchen rug

I did combine some of these jobs onto one card of which I recommend. If the stack of cards seem too large, it might become overwhelming to the family. And then again, if there are too many tasks on each card, that might hinder traction. Balance, my friends, balance. I would shoot for a maximum of 5 cards per working family member (babies might have difficulties with that toilet brush).

Clean For Company

Wondering why you would even want to make Cleaning Cards? Because it’s brilliant! Hee. Hee. Take a peek at my original article, Cleaning for Company.

What tasks are you going to add to your cleaning cards?

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  1. Amy says:

    Kathleen, you dear . . . How could your future daughters-in-law ever complain about you? You’ll be a rockstar MIL just as you’re a rockstar wife and mom.

    “Well done” on the guest blogging gig. 🙂


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