Baby Goats For Sale

UPDATE- Feb. 26, 2013:  This year’s babies (kids) will be born late April, early May, and should be ready for their new homes by mid-June.

All our goats will be sold in pairs, unless you already have a goat at home. Trust me, you’ll have a happier goat and a happier you. When goats have a companion and are well fed, they have no reason to escape. So, you won’t ever have to get calls from the neighbors about your goat eating their petunias. That’s always a good thing.

And we only sell our goats as dairy goats or pets (brush eaters are fine too), not meat. We put a lot of loving care into raising our babes so they are not only strong and healthy, but sweet and friendly. None of us are keen on someone eating all our hard work. If you want meat goats, there are plenty people in the area who sell goats just for that.

Cinnamon- SOLD

Born April 28th, 2012. One of Xcel’s triplets. We are continually amazed at how laid back and loving Xcel’s babies have been, and Cinnamon is no exception. She loves people and generally is the one baby we have that is the most talkative. Her coloring is a beautiful cinnamon with a black stripe down her back.  She’s ready to go her new home. Both her momma and daddy are originally from Leapin’ Leapo and ADGA registered. Her momma milks 1 gallon a day, and I’m told is Grand Champion material because of her utter attachment.  $125



Born April 28th, 2012. He is one of Xcel’s triplets. He’s been wethered (castrated) and will make an awesome pet because he’s so easy to handle. He is a total lover boy and enjoys being pet on his neck. He also loves being with the big goats and people of all ages. He enjoys eating blackberry and various other ‘greens’. He’s ready for his new home. $90


Carter- SOLD

Born April 30th, 2012 to Zondra (of whom we affectionately call Sadie). He’s been wethered (castrated). By far, he is the sweetest of all our babies this year and the most beautiful. He’s a curious little fellow,  loves to be with people, and will follow you anywhere. And boy does he love to eat blackberry bushes. He’s available for his new home. $90


Video with Charlie


4 Responses to Baby Goats For Sale

  1. Carley Angal says:

    Hello there, I am very interested in purchasing your two male baby goats Barry and Bul-Gary. I live in Salem on 3 acres and almost half is blackberry bushes so they will be busy little guys! I was curious about how to contact you but I hope this is the right area! We are hoping to get them asap so please get back to me soon! Thank you for your time.

    Carley Angal

  2. kathleen says:

    I emailed you.

  3. Patricia Mlnarik says:

    I am interested in 2 baby goats possibly 3 if you have them and I would like a mail that isn’t castrated if you have that?

  4. kathleen says:

    I only have one castrated male for sale right now. I will, however have 4 to 5 available early June.

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